Knowing My Purpose in Life


Aikiro took this photo during my 68th birthday party at the Aquilino Cafe, Solano Nueva Vizcaya. I handed over the Canon Rebel T2i to Aikiro and he took off and used the camera skillfully. Fred sang a few songs, and so did all of my guests. We had a great live band which made the night even more fun.

Every year as I celebrate my birthday, I looked at the past year, take note of successes and failures in order to close the chapter of the year 2010. That cleared the deck for something new. In 2010, I concentrated on what really is my life purpose. Having no clear idea what that was, I wrote reports weekly on what was going on in my life and it became this blog.

In my baby years, my life purpose was to eat, sleep, s… that purpose worked well for my parents. I must have done something cute because I made it to the next phase. In this case, my purpose was to make it to kindergarten. Most of the time I violated so many unwritten rules, had to pay the price of ignorance, promised not to do that again until I ran in on another set of rules. That is pretty much like how my life went. At age 68, I am still running head on to lots of unwritten rules and I am wondering how those rules got there and what would it take to change those rules. In between dodging the enforcers of rules, I managed to have some fun and time to pursue my dreams regardless of that ever elusive life purpose.

Looking all the way back to my youth, I realized I have lived my life purpose even though I did not clearly say what that was. Now I know that my purpose is to enjoy life regardless of difficulties, problems, frustrations, disappointments. All that is part of a full life. I have learned to face whatever is in front of me, whether it’s dealing with difficult situations, solving problems, creating strategies and the true secret is not to run away, give up or blame others. My victories and my defeats colored my existence which is altogether now a beautiful tapestry.

One more time. My purpose in life is to enjoy living by bringing joy to myself and to others.


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