Gum Paste and Fondant Course

Making these gum paste sugar flowers was challenging because the material dries out hard and the flowers are brittle like thin glass. In making the roses, the petals keep falling off from the stem forcing me to attach the petals one at a time. The mums were equally challenging because the petals are skinny and the wrong pressure breaks the delicate petals. The carnation was rather befuddling because the steps were strange and I could not imagine how I could end up with a carnation at all. In the end, it did look like a carnation. The daisies were simple and logical. I made a lot of them for extras. Gisele did not have any flowers so I gave it to her for her cake.

Ms. Williams liked my roses. She also said that the bottom of the “vase” have to be finished like the base of the cake, and she was right. It made the cake look ¬†complete. What I learned is why decorators charge so much money for the exquisite cakes favored for weddings and other really special occasions.

Applying the fondant was not as easy as it looked on TV. Mine ended with lots of pleats which I tried to hide with flowers. I also used the wrong icing to glue the flowers – buttercream instead of royal icing. The flowers were sliding off the side of the cake so I took it all off and made gum paste glue. I made a rose bud to complete the base line. Problem with gum paste – it has to dry thoroughly before handling.

What will I do with this hobby? Nita wanted to know. I was happy doing it for fun but I managed to get myself a job because I need money to fix the kitchen which will cost around $12,000. Steve is OK with it. The cabinets will arrive at the end of March so I will go to Virginia Beach in April, come back to New York to see Angelina and Ariana compete in the national dance competition, go back to Virginia Beach again …


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