Cake Design Level 2


Making sugar flowers with royal icing is not as easy as I thought. First, I had to get the consistency just right or else the flower collapses if too soft. If too stiff, it does not come easily out of the icing tip. I used a pre-mixed royal icing mix and here lies the problem. It must have been an expired mix. When I started a fresh batch, making roses and apple blossoms was a pleasure. Basket weaving is another essential skill of cake design although I don’t see it too much in the cake shows I watch. But if someone asks, I can say I can do it.

The Level 3 class starts Thursday. Four more classes and I become a Wilton system trained cake decorator. Woohoo! I find making sugar flowers and icing cakes a very relaxing work. I highly recommend it to high-strung people. Patience is the only way these flowers will bloom.

For the next twelve weeks, I have taken on completing projects one at a time instead of my usual – starting a new project when my whims dictate. This promise has kept me focused on the task at hand. By doing so many things at the same time, I end up overwhelmed and unproductive.

After Level 3 Cake design, I intend to read up on licensing art to complement the Chelsea Collections project and revamp the website. I got my first ever call for invitations through Google which inspired me to look at this idea with more intensity. She liked my website design to boot.

In the background of this photo is my new friend, 27″ iMac quad-core. Work is a lot more enjoyable because of the speed, screen and audio quality. I like to use the iPad for reading stuff and doing mind mapping.


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