Six-Pack Nelson

FRONT: He could very well be an Abercrombie and Fitch Model.

AND BACK: J.S. Wear is getting free advertising.

HOW DID YOU GET THOSE SIX-PACK? Construction work, he said. He was born in Boracay and water sports gotta be a normal activity. His dad makes a living spear fishing and that could also be another reason for these six-packs. Maybe we could get a modeling job for this guy.

What is remarkable about Nelson is how he makes us feel important. He rarely talks but he hears our conversation clearly. He does not take his attention away from us. We wanted to go rowing and fishing and the fishing gear they brought along caught me off guard. The hook, line and sinker they invented plus the shrimp bait hit me as inventive and funny.

FISHING the Boracay way!
SHRIMP hooked up to a small fishing hook, tied to a nylon fishing line.

FISHING LINE spool to reel in the catch.

INGENIOUS SINKER: Well it worked. The nail did sink the line.

We did not catch any fish but we caught a good time. Dodoy blamed us for not knowing how to fish. Altogether, the sea breeze made us forget why we were fishing. We probably could have done better by cooking the shrimps we used as bait. I was wondering, do they really catch fish with this contraption. Nelson and Dodoy must be wondering what is so funny with their fishing gear.

We simply rowed the rest of the time and I think rowing is also a good way to grow a six-pack. We got too much sun that day but it is the funnest day ever for me.


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