Canon Rebel EOS T2i


I cashed out one retirement fund account and went ahead and picked up the Canon EOS Rebel T2i, a camera Ria recommended. After long and agonizing deliberation, I told Steve, I can always return it if it does not work out. So far, there are a lot of things to learn. This is not a point and shoot business. I have my fingers crossed that this will be one of my favorite toys, an addition to my Mac, iPhone, iPad. Maybe an Apple TV is in my future so I can project my collection of pretty pictures.

Everything is ready for my Philippine vacation and I am all excited for the big gatherings with former classmates and relatives. I worked on our family tree earlier in the year and so far I have 566 members just from my hometown and I am not yet finished so I will invite them to my hotel so I can update the data. Not sure how I can take out the data from the computer so I may just have to project it to a screen. However, my goal is to patch up the missing information while I am there. The MacFamily Tree software was updated and the new version is so much easier to use.

This week, Chelsea shared about joining Uncle Fred’s group. Chelsea registered Uncle Fred to the Landmark Forum and still remembers the two things he learned and valued the most. “Should” and “Shouldn’t.” Anyway, the group’s name is “Good Luck Club” – you make a wish and the universe grants your wish. Sort of like – ask and it is given. The game rule is based on the law of attraction from the movie – The Secret. Chelsea has had some results in just a week of participating, results she could not explain where it came from but she got what she wished for. Uncle Fred will send me a copy of 17 CDs to listen to and practice. I may not get it until I get back but he explained how I can play. One of my mission is to enroll my family into practicing getting lucky.

I’m gonna miss my Zumba group and Paul, the instructor, while I am away but I have the dvd so I can practice in between. My stamina has gotten better and I am able to follow the steps a lot better. A guy said I was doing much better and I answered it is good for arthritis. Tomorrow is last day of Salsa at Bronx House but I found another group where we had cake design classes. I’ll check them out when I get back otherwise, I will go back to Manhattan.

Life is good! It never was bad…



2 thoughts on “Canon Rebel EOS T2i

  1. good luck exploring the many features of your new cam! i’ve had my cam for 5 months now, but i still have a lot to learn and i have yet to enroll in a photography class to fully enjoy it. if you are still in the Philippines, enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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