Salinas Salt Spring

SALINAS SALT SPRING – The ocean waters creeping up from the bottom of the land mass formed the salt mountain. It was a  go to site. Something clogged the small opening so now the salt water have stopped flowing since. I don’t have a picture of how it looks now but I will make it a point to visit the place and take pictures.

The stock market is going nuts. Maris warned me about a negative sentiment on Ford stocks and for the Dow in general so I sold all my Ford shares and I’m glad I did. Cash is safer for now but I am on the look out for some good momentum.

Again, my Salsa teacher  demoted me. Logan wanted to know if I was flirting with the young guys… I just cannot spin twice without going out of balance and losing my count. The positive thing is I can do Bachata instead. Alejandro, the teacher, is so beautiful to watch and to dance with and the other guys as well. Practicing the spins make me dizzy and tired but it knocks me out for bed and I wake up feeling better. On Friday, I watched the others practice and for sure I will create a practice group for next week .

Lehman Chorus is one thing I missed in Cerritos where I thought I could join a choir but they only want young people. Now I am back to some familiar places. We are doing an Antonin Dvorak Mass, Cole Porter and Aaron Copland songs. My former classmates are no longer around; guess they already graduated.

Did I waste my time this week? It seems like I did not do anything much. The Creating New Habits software is very helpful because it reminds me of the time I used to clean the house, listen to the writing lecture, going through facebook and email, eating, cooking, showering, getting dressed, watching TV… I promised myself I would get rid of some of my old collection of ILP training materials which I no longer need.

I continue to be amazed at the effects the daVinci Game have on the people participating. It is enough to keep me looking forward to their reaction and know that the questions work in a non-linear way. As for me, I noticed I am no longer seeking approval from anyone because I know where I am making a difference. I once wrote I wanted an awesome relationship with an extraordinary man and that is no longer the case because I feel so comfortable with myself and I find immense satisfaction in being helpful to others.

Right now I am campaigning for my cousin, Brig. Gen. Danny Lim for Philippine Senator and I am using facebook to promote him to my Filipino friends. Next is an email campaign. Onward comrades!


2 thoughts on “Salinas Salt Spring

  1. I get that you have the experience that you didn’t do much this week & it’s who we are being that resonates with people.

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